About Frivilligsentralen/ the Voluntary Service Center

Frivilligsentralen's goal is to serve as a meeting place and to facilitate the exchange of voluntary services. The center coordinates efforts with public agencies, as well as associations and individuals.
Frivilligsentralen, offering the spirit of volunteering as the reward, provides a vast range of opportunities for giving. The organization is built on the principle of reciprocity. All volunteers associated with Frivilligsentralen are bound by professional secrecy. Among other things, Frivilligsentralen aids in the creation of network-building activities when the need arises.
Following a resolution by the Norwegian parliament, the first of the Frivilligsentrales were established in 1991 as a supplement to public services.
The Horten Frivilligsentral is administered as a Foundation (not-for-profit organization). One full-time position and associated operating costs are funded through subsidies granted by the local municipality as well as by the Norwegian state.
Frivilligsentralen is a place suitable for all ages, where interested individuals can choose and continuously adjust their own level of commitment.

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